Recently I've been doing a lot of thinking... scary I know but the other day something struck me.. the location of our mouth.

We all know in today's diplomatic society that we really ought to choose our words with precision and this got me wondering about a few things.

As we are told, look before you leap, we are also always told when growing up to think before we speak but how many of us really do give our words thought?

When we find ourselves in conversation do we take a pause to think before we speak and consider the words that are about to come out.. unlikely... we are all going at 100 mph in today's fast and frenetic society. We all tweet, post, WhatsApp, text, DM, PM and 'gram our lives and we type (emails, letters, blogposts) rather than speaking.

Does that societal change mean that the younglings of today will eventually lose the art of conversation... well that's a completely different thing to consider and not something I will explore today but that I might come back to.

If we were to pause before we spoke, do you think anyone would really notice? It would not be a pregnant pause, just a millisecond to allow your head and heart to process. Do you think it is the right thing to do? To consider in that suspended moment exactly what you want to express. To ask yourself 'is what I truly want to say about to emerge from my mouth?'

This moment of suspended consideration may just allow you to thoughtfully choose the words that will most accurately convey what you want to say.

There is a beautiful integrity to choosing your words with precision and intention. This is what got me to thinking about the location of the mouth.

The mouth is half way between the head and the heart. Depending on the type of person we are, we may be ruled more by our heart or more by our head. Irrespective of this, we should allow the two powerful centres of intelligence to converge and in turn let that create more meaningful self expression.

So today, take a moment, pause and think before you speak and imagine yourself saying the words before they come out. You never know, it might just save your skin!

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